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Lake Winnipesaukee Island Living

Lake Winnipesaukee Islands in New Hampshire

The best part of island living, the boat. The worst part of island living, the boat. To learn about Lake Winnipesaukee Island living below, and be sure to contact Nancy if you have any questions.

Having lived on a Lake Winnipesaukee island since the early 60’s, originally camping in a tent on Bear, and eventually to our current place on Little Bear, which my Dad built in 1968, the boat has been a mean of transportation. When I am headed to my camp there is a great relaxation and pleasure in the boat ride. But when it is snowing, strong wind, thunderstorms or heavy rain the boat ride can give you pause.

When I take prospective buyers out to island property a lot of times there is concern about the boat part. The boat is your vehicle to access your island property and once you are comfortable with a boat it just becomes another mode of transportation.

Living on an island does require some planning and logistics when transporting people and materials, but the serenity and peace one feels when at their property is beyond belief. There are grocery stores you can drive to by boat, there are hardware stores you can drive to boat and somehow it does not seem to be as bad as when you have to get in a car and go. Want to go out to dinner? Hop in your boat and go. Want to watch fireworks on 4th of July? Hop in your boat and go. Want to watch the sunset over the Belknaps while floating in the Broads, enjoying a beverage and picnic dinner with good friends? Hop in your boat and go. And yes I have experienced all of the above and it seemed all the sweeter because of the boat.

Living on an island is not just a summer retreat as many islanders will also use their home in the winter after the ice has set. The abundance of ski mobile trails and the open riding on the ice add to the winter enjoyment as does ice fishing, snowshoeing and any other winter sport. There are some hardy souls who live on their island year round!

If you want a property on Lake Winnipesaukee for a reasonable price, than an island may be the way to go. First off the initial price of the property is considerably less than mainland, as is the tax bill. Knowing your kids can’t get lost on the island is a nice benefit, you are more connected with your neighbors on an island as you never know when you might need to borrow some tool, piece of plumbing material or just a good book for those lazy rainy days...

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