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Things Home Buyers Should Never Do

Thinking of buying a home in the Lakes Region? There are a lot of things that out there that can make the process confusing. Below is a list of things to avoid while in the buying process.

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  • Don't quit your job
  • Don't change your job
  • Don't get a promotion
  • Don't buy large ticket items
  • Don't make David Copperfield deposits (all funds need to be traceable)
  • Don't talk to Sellers directly (loose lips sink ships)
  • Not getting a gift letter and bank statement for funds
  • Not telling the person who is giving you the gift that you will probably need a gift letter and some proof (usually a bank statement) that they have the funds to gift
  • Not being completely honest with the lender about child support, alimony, wage garnishment or any other payroll deduction
  • Get advice from others who have not bought recently
  • Waiting to see everything else on the market
  • Trash talking the property in front of the owners
  • Delaying paperwork to the Mortgage Company because they keep asking for the same paperwork over and over
  • Waiting to find the PERFECT house.
  • 80/10/10 Rule if you find a house that has 80% of what you are looking for, 10% of things you can change and 10% of the things you can live with, it's a keeper
  • Do not co-sign on anything
  • Don't schedule a vacation before closing
  • Giving away your negotiation power by speaking in the house (always assume you are being recorded)
  • Posting your real estate thoughts on social media sites
  • Believing what you see on HGTV and reality television
  • Not telling your lender if you lose your job
  • Window shopping and having people pull your credit
  • Not communicating with your agent
  • Dying before the transaction closes, this really messes things up!

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