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Rum Point

This point is located in West Alton to the south of Minge Cove. I have listed a property on the point and was curious on how it got named. The property has an article on the naming which I will repeat here. I was not able to find confirmation for the article but it still makes for an interesting story. And so it goes…

Back in the 1700s it was a bit of a problem to get the goods to Montreal in the fall of the year, you ran the risk of losing the ship as well as everything else. Merchants would put into Portsmouth, and truck the cargo overland. However, the combination of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Mountains poised a real problem, so they came up with an ingenious solution that seemed to work, for a while. They actually built a barge big enough to accommodate the wagon and team (30’ x 90’). In the front was a treadmill which was hooked up to a couple of the sidewheels. The horses would provide the power, and off they would go, across the lakes.

Late in the fall of 1794 they were transporting a shipment of the Kings Rum from Jamaica to Montreal. Everything went well until they got into the Broads, and a storm came up. The Thunder, Lightning and Fierce Winds spooked the horses, and they wanted off, but they were chained in place. With all this thrashing about on the deck, the barge floundered and capsized, spilling its cargo.

According to the story, they were hugging the Lee Shore, taking the long way around, and were reputed to be just off what we now call Rum Point.

Makes for a good story and the dive shops actually do dives near here looking for the rum boat in addition to a logging truck that sank in 1965. It has been said that they have actually found some of the clay rum bottles with the King’s insignia on them but the bottles explode when being brought to the surface.

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