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Alton Bay Bandstand

This structure has always interested me when I boat by, or looking out at it from the Town parking lot.

A racing association was formed in the mid 1920s, by a group of men from Alton Bay. Original members of the Association were; Lester Downing, Edward Downing, Harry Jones, Martin Lynch, Ralph Stevens and Stephen Lynch. The bandstand was constructed in the year 1928 by the racing association with two purposes in mind. One obviously for band concerts, which was Town entertainment around the turn of the century in many towns. But the other reason was to use as a judge’s stand during boat races. That must have been a sight to see vintage boats racing up and down the Bay!

According to the Town of Alton’s 1928 Report the Town used $893.30 for the construction of the bandstand and citizens from Alton donated an additional $679.80 for materials and labor, bringing the total cost for construction to $1573.10.

It was constructed with cribs over a natural ledge already in the Bay and located halfway between the rail station and Victoria Pier. The Town had it restored in 1990 and it currently is not used during the summer months, but can be quite the beehive of activity in the winter. Especially during Winter Carnival and when the ice runway is open.

It is one of a few aquatic bandstands ever built and makes a great landmark in the five mile long Alton Bay. Also makes a great marker for the start of the no wake zone.

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